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MY3DNA opens new dimensions. We scan, model and 3D-print life-like 3D-figurines (#shapies) of you and your loved ones. There is a Shapie for every occasion, chose yours below and get ready to step into the 3rd dimension

My Shapie

Your Individual Shapie for whatever the occasion may be. Birthdays, pregnancies, anniversaries and many other moments in your life deserve more than just a photo

Wedding Shapie

Just imagine the look on your guests’ faces on your special day, when instead of a generic wedding cake topper they see you and your other half on top of the cake.

Star Shapie

Star Shapie unites stars & fans in 3D. Photos and posters on the bedroom walls are fun, but imagine your idol quite literally standing on your desk or book shelf!

Business Shapie

Want to congratulate a colleague, or celebrating a great year of business? Trophies are fun, but you know what’s more exciting? You guessed it! Look inside

Brand Shapie

Brand Shapie opens revolutionary opportunities to precisely target and engage consumers with brands and campaigns, offline or online, through cutting edge 3D technologies.

Tailor Shapie

Tailor Shapie(under development) will forever change the way you shop for clothing. Imagine seeing yourself in that new outfit you saw online before buying it! Coming soon!